I experience life through a lens. Collaborating as a lead shooter, second shooter, editor and videographer, I work with corporate clients, local craftsmen and artisans as well as a wickedly talented network of creatives I call friends. Currently, I live in Owosso, MI, and I shoot on location throughout the United States. What you need to know is, I do this job because I am obsessed with helping artists and businesses grow —whether in retail, design, service or commercial products. I also have a number of passion projects with great bands and creatives.
My relationship with clients is always highly collaborative—it makes our projects better, and a lot more fun. I believe in making a connection with the talent I shoot, so the work we create feels transparent, engaged and original. But enough of the words, that’s not really my thing anyway. Take a look around, and if you see something you like, let’s chat.
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